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Garbh Sanskar Sutra based on the month of your pregnancy

During Pregnancy, each passing month develops different important aspects of your baby’s health & personality. ‘Krishna Coming’ Garbh Sanskar, being a pure science; provides you with crucial Garbhsanskar ‘Sutra’ based on your current pregnancy stage.
These ‘Sutra’ transforms your pregnancy to a great experience & prepares you to welcome a child of your dreams with desired qualities to the world.

Garbh Sanskar Music based on specific ragas

Effect of Indian Ragas on our Mood, Mind & Body is regarded & respected even by the top scientists & universities of the world.
During Pregnancy, the Scientific Application of traditional Ragas develop specific qualities such as ‘Buddhi’ (Intelligence), ‘Swaasthya’ (Health), ‘Svabhaav’ (Temperament), etc… in your soon to be born child.
Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar Music is developed scientifically around Ragas to impart qualities in your child while simultaneously keeping mother relax, stressfree & motivated throughout the pregnancy

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Vedic Mantra Vrushti

Vedic Mantras curated specially for the period of pregnancy to imbibe their divine effects onto the baby in the womb. Originated from Rigveda, Samaveda & Yajurveda, these mantras are chanted for your pregnancy by the world's most knowledgable Vedic brahmins, following the stern & uncompromising rules of Varna, Swara, Matra, Balam, Saama & Santana. These Vedic Mantras have been found to have a miraculous positive effect on the child & mother.

Personal Garbh Sanskar Isht Mantra

Partaking in GarbhSanskar process without proper scientific use of ‘Mantras’ can be compared to charging batteries without electricity. Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar, takes Date & Time of Birth of both Mother & Father to be. After scientific astrological calculations, the mother is provided a Unique Personal ‘Isht Mantra’. This ‘Isht Mantra’ works on the molecular level by resonating specific sounds of mantra wordings suitable for the child inside the womb as per the situation of planets & constellations. ‘Personal Isht Mantra’ chants are done by following strict rules of mantra chanting without any inaccuracy so that mother and child both can be benefitted by this ancient Indian Science just by listening to ‘Isht Mantra’.

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Doctor's Corner & Life Training

Pregnancy is a period where a woman is continuously bombarded with numerous 'Do's & Don'ts' from family members, friends and even sometimes by strangers. This fact in addition to the continuous bodily & hormonal changes often lead mother-to-be in a state of confusion & frustration.
Best gynecologist & Life Training Coach of India came together at Krishna Coming to give your best of the Physical & Mental well being during pregnancy. In Doctor's Corner episodes you'll get to know how to take care of yourself & your baby, baby's growth, nutrition & important medical tests as your pregnancy proceeds from 1st Month to 9th Month. While the life-training sessions will help you to tackle your daily mental obstacles easing up of all the pent up stress helping you to become the best version of yourself, ultimately becoming a better mother.

Easy Access on Mobile Phones & Tablets all through Pregnancy

Krishna Coming was planned keeping in mind the safety & convenience of pregnant women. Going outside in crowded camp for one or two-day for Garbh Sanskar was never a good idea. Firstly because pregnancy is a long time & a mother needs to be continuously motivated which is not possible in case of few days of camp. Secondly because exerting a pregnant woman to reach to crowded camp venue in this pregnant condition is physically unsafe. You can easily access India's Best, Scientific & Credible Garbh Sanskar Curriculum prepared specially for you at the comfort & safety of your own home or office on mobile & tablet during whole period of your pregnancy.

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Price for Priceless

Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar is an attempt to revive India's long-forgotten scientific process to program & train your child before the birth; right inside the womb. Unfortunately, there was no credible Garbh Sansakr process or curriculum. Malpractices & 'totke' have mushroomed in the name of Garbh Sanskars all through the world.
For the past many years, we've scaled length & breadth of India to connect the best of the Garbh Sanskar experts & Medical experts to prepare the most credible Garbh Sanskar Curriculum which is approved even by the medical practitioners. All this so that an entire generation of India can be brought back to our Indian Roots. To expand it's reach to masses we've brought it online with very nominal pricing as per your pregnancy month. Check out the pricing section for more details.