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What is Krishna Coming ?

Krishna Coming is world’s first & one of kind online GarbhSanskar Program & 9 months’ positive, spiritual & healthy pregnancy companion mobile application.

Krishna Coming GarbhSanskar App is a result of more than 16 years of hard work & research of an enthusiastic Team of Professionals from various backgrounds such as Education, Medical Science, Spiritualism, Astrology, Psychology, Computer Science etc... Lead by Prof.Vipin Joshi to create a comprehensive amalgamation of Ancient Indian GarbhSanskar Process & Modern Medical Science, all to revive India’s long forgotten science of GarbhSanskar.

Team Krishna Coming has made credible Garbhsanskar easier and accessible to everyone in such a way that it is very easy to follow.

Just download the application on your mobile, enter basic details such as your pregnancy month, date of conception, date & time of birth of father & mother that’s it. Sit back, connect headphones or connect your mobile to television & watch Garbhsanskar videos & audios. These audios & videos will be unlocked as your pregnancy advances. You will get notifications on mobile when new content is unlocked according to stage of your pregnancy for the 9 months.

All the vedic rituals made easier for the women of today’s age & approved by top medical practitioners of India.Very small efforts to get the child of your dreams.